Aionigma The Austrian overtonemusic ensemble Aionigma combines the spheric soundworlds of overtone singing and instruments rich in overtones with elements of early European and Indo-European music forms. The result is a unique music that moves in the seemingly so different genres of world music, folk music, Gregorian, classical, early music and New Age.

Aionigma was founded in 2015 by Austrian overtone singer & musician Bernhard Mikuskovics and presented itself to the public as the overtone choir live in concerts for the first time in the famous pilgrimage church Maria Wörth in Carinthia on July 9, 2016 and on July 8, 2017

"Aionigma" is a creative combination of two ancient Greek words "Aion" and "Ainigma"

While "aion" stands for eternity "ainigma" means as much as mystery, phenomenon or secret

Composed the meaning of "Aionigma" is something like infinite mystery or infinite secret

This perfectly describes the work of creativity in connection with the mystery of the overtones as parts of nature and harmonic existence in all dimensions and in all aspects of being