Bearheart Kokopelli

Bernhard Mikuskovics, passionate player & maker of Native American flutes released his album NATIVE HEART dedicated to the spirit & music of Native American flutes under the "Bearheart Kokopelli" moniker in 2016 according to the cosmic event of Spring Equinox.

In late 2016 he contributed the title track of his new album Native Heart to the compilation CD "Sacred Inspirations Vol. 2" by U.S. based label Spirit Wind Records.

Silver Arrow Award 2017

In early 2017 Bernhard M;ikuskovics received a Silver Arrow Award for outstanding contributions to the Native American Music Industry.

In the late summer of 2017 Bearheart Kokopelli has been nominated for a Native American Music Award.

In the fall of 2017 he has finally been awarded at the Native American Music Awards Gala Event at Seneca Niagara Resort Hotel with a NAMMY (Native American Music Award) in the Native Heart Category (Best contribution by a Non-Native Artist) for the music of his album Native Heart.

Native American Music Awards 2017Native American Music Awards Gala Event 2017 f.l.t.r.: Josh Halverson NAMA Winner, Ellen Bello NAMA President, Bernhard Mikuskovics (Bearheart Kokopelli) NAMA Winner

In early 2018 Bernhard Mikuskovics was awarded again with a Silver Arrow Award for outstanding contributions to the Native American Music Industry.

Silver Arrow Award 2018

The German name Bernhard means "Heart of a bear" and stands for courage and strength while Kokopelli is the name of an ancient shamanic symbol for "the universal fluteplayer", who creates the world by playing his flute and who is in resonance with all parts of creation.

Kokopelli symbols were found on many petroglyphs throughout Central America.

Combined the names "Bearheart" and "Kokopelli" stand for the archetypical shamanic fluteplayer with a strong heart & personality.

Bearheart Kokopelli live @ Dechen Cave, GermanyBearheart Kokopelli live @ Dechen Cave, Germany 2016


Bearheart Kokopelli: CD & Digital Album "Native Heart"


Ten Contemplative Native American Flute Meditations: CD & Digital Album




The title track of Bearheart Kokopelli´s new album "Native Heart" appears among contributions of many great artists from the Native American music scene on a compilation CD by Spirit Wind Records in order to support the water protectors at Standing Rock.

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We are children of our mothers and fathers who are in turn children of their mothers and fathers. Through this ancestral chord we are connected with the origin of life and we realize: We are ALL children of Mother Earth and Father Sky

There is no particular group of human beings who are Native people of the earth, as EVERY being is a part of the big family of beings living on this beautiful planetary entity and we realize: We are ALL natives of mother Earth and so are our roommates, the animals, the plants & the stones

Man was always a wanderer, who in his search for food followed the tracks of the animals to new habitats, adapted to the climatic conditions and shaped the environment in which he lived by his way of life. This resulted in different cultures of human life and we realize: We are ALL part of our culture and our culture is part of the many cultures of the living space we inhabit

Sacred InspirationsBearheart Kokopelli live @ Dechen Cave, Germany 2016

After countless generations today there are people who live closer to the originality of being and in greater harmony with their environment than others. This is the last remnant of the indigenous people of the planet who live in harmony with the cyclical nature of existence since prehistoric times and we realize: We are ALL descendants of the indigenous people of our planet

Even if our living conditions may have highly changed it is the essential task of our lives to stay in balance and to accept the light and the dark parts of our nature in order to completely resonate with all aspects of being. If we succeed we leave the world of assessment in order to live in accordance with the harmonic vibrations of creation. Then we see and treat all aspects of being with the same attentiveness and find to our native heart

The Native American flute is a powerful tool with a wonderful sound leading us the way to the silence of our native heart and connecting us with the harmonic vibrations of creation