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Multiaward-winning and far-travelled musician Bernhard Mikuskovics, active with his various music projects and ensembles in many genres of the global music landscape, has been learning music since his earliest childhood and acquired his musical knowledge and skills after completing his education in Vienna on extensive educational trips and in collaboration with colleagues and teachers.

As a singer, overtone singer & multi-instrumentalist, he has performed at national and international music festivals in many countries: XIII RioHarpFestival at Rio de Janeiro 2018 (Brazil), 4th international Fujarafestival at Detva 2016 (Slovakia), 8th international Jew´s Harp festival & -kongress atTaucha/Leipzig 2014 (Germany), 1.st Obertonefestival at Kyiv 2011 (Ukraine), 7th international Jew´s Harp festival & -kongress at Jakutsk 2011 (Sacha Republic), Festival (DA)(NE)S at Maribor 2011 (Slowenia), Sound Explicit at Ljubljana 2011 (Slowenia), Ancient Trance Festival at Taucha/Leipzig 2014, 2011 & 2010 (Germany), 8. Obertontage in Dresden (Germany), Sterzinger Osterspiele at Vipiteno (Italy), Le Rêve de l´Aborigène Festival at Airvault 2009 (France), Austria Didgeridoo Festival at Bruck an der Mur 2008 & 2007 (Austria), Organic Sound Harvest 2007 (Austria), Voice Mania at Vienna 2005 (Austria), Worldbodypainting Festival at Seeboden 2005 (Austria), Festival der leisen Töne at Würzburg 2004 (Germany).

Bernhard Mikuskovics has received several international awards for his work as a musician, composer and music producer: Global Music Award (2019), Native American Music Award (2017), Silver Arrow Award (2019, 2018, 2017), Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis (2007)


As a seminar-leader, course-instructor and music-teacher, Bernhard Mikuskovics teaches folk-music, folk-song, Overtone-singing and Overtone-music, Didgeridoo, Overtone-harp making, Indian flute making, sound-yoga and energywork with the voice.

In this role he has worked in the field of adult education at international seminar houses as well as nationally with school projects at schools, kindergartens, but also at care centers for people with disabilities at different places:

AUSTRIA: Bildungshaus Schloß Krastowitz (Carinthia), Bildungshaus Stift St. Georgen am Längsee (Carinthia), LBZ Schloss Zell a. d. Pram (Upper Austria), school projects in cooperation with Burgenländisches Volksliedwerk and with elementary schools at county Burgenland (Steinberg-Dörfl, Großwarasdorf, Oberpullendorf, Oberloisdorf, Pilgersdorf, Unterrabnitz), EU-Project "Folkmusic for everybody" in cooperation with Burgenländisches Volksliedwerk at Städtischer Kindergarten Oberwart

GERMANY: Benediktushof (Holzkirchen, Unterfranken / Bavaria), Haus St. Benedikt (Würzburg, Unterfranken / Bavaria), Kloster Damme (North Rhine Westfalia), Haus St. Ansgar (Nütschau, Schleswig Holstein), Osterberg Institut (Niederkleveez, Schleswig Holstein)

SWITZERLAND: Stiftung Rüttihubbelbad (Walkringen), Zentrum für Yoga und Gesundheit (Basel)


Together with Wolfdietrich Janscha, Bernhard Mikuskovics wrote the book "Das Echo des Spiegels" and composed, arranged and performed the additional CD "Thaluplaces", that has been published at Viennese Ibera Publisher in the year 2000. The paintings to the book and to the CD have been painted by Bernhard Mikuskovics.

In collaboration with Markus Riccabona, Bernhard Mikuskovics composed, arranged and performed the CD "Circle of Life", that has been published at Viennese Ibera Publisher in the year 2003. The paintings to the book and to the CD have also been painted by Bernhard Mikuskovics.

Solo exhibitins of his paintings took place at: Vienna, Alte Schieberkammer (Austria 2012), Klosterneuburg, Rostockvilla (Austria 2002), Wien, Tibetan Restaurant Songtsen Gampo (Austria 2000)

He took part in group exhibitions at: New York, New Century Artists (USA 2006) and at Austria in the frameset of Ars & Aqua, (Vienna, 2007), "Dreamtime" together with Australian Aborigines (Vienna, 2003) and on "Hoher Wand" (Upper Austria, 2001)

As a graphic artist Bernhard Mikuskovics created Digital-Single covers, CD-covers and booklets for his own productions as well as for productions od colleagues. Also flyer, postcards, posters have been designed and printed by Bernhard Mikuskovics in collaboration with printing factories for his events.

Bernhard Mikuskovics hat als Musiker an vielen internationalen Veranstaltungen teilgenommen!