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Loch Lomond Loch LomondThe word "Laomainn" derives from the Gaelic name of Loch Lomond, not only the largest lake of Scotland but also considered to be the most beautiful one.

It is quite a while ago, that i rambled from Balloch all along Loch Lomond and the West Highland Way to Fort William, travelling further on to Loch Tulla, Loch Maree and finally finding myself at the wonderful shores of the Outer Hebrides, at the ancient Callanish stones and within the lovely heathery Cuillin hills of the Isle of Skye.

All this seems like yesterday and so i came to the decision to finally do, what I always wanted to do ever since, to honour my experience of this wonderful area musically in order to celebrate my deep connection to its musical culture and heritage. And i always dreamt of adding "Overtone Singing", a special vocal technique that I should master years later, to this music.

Loch Lomond Loch LomondNow all this is part of my memory but I still dream of a return. So what could fit better as an honour of the place, where it all began, than using its Gaelic name as the name of my musical project.

Starting out with the famous Scottish ballad "The Bonnie Banks Of Loch Lomond" there is much more on the musical horizon and one can only guess where the journey will lead to.

Of course every journey starts with the first step. Carpe diem!

Laomainn, 2021