Ten Contemplative Native American Flute Meditiations


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We are children of our mothers and fathers who are in turn children of their mothers and fathers. Through this ancestral chord we are connected with the origin of life and we realize: We are ALL children of Mother Earth and Father Sky“.

There is no particular group of human beings who are Native people of the earth, as EVERY being is a part of the big family of beings living on this beautiful planetary entity and we realize: We are ALL natives of mother Earth and so are our roommates, the animals, the plants & the stones".

Man was always a wanderer, who in his search for food followed the tracks of the animals to new habitats, adapted to the climatic conditions and shaped the environment in which he lived by his way of life. This resulted in different cultures of human life and we realize: We are ALL part of our culture and our culture is part of the many cultures of the living space we inhabit".

After countless generations today there are people who live closer to the originality of being and in greater harmony with their environment than others. This is the last remnant of the indigenous people of the planet who live in harmony with the cyclical nature of existence since prehistoric times and we realize: We are ALL descendants of the indigenous people of our planet".

Even if our living conditions may have highly changed it is the essential task of our lives to stay in balance and to accept the light and the dark parts of our nature in order to completely resonate with all aspects of being. If we succeed we leave the world of assessment in order to live in accordance with the harmonic vibrations of creation. Then we see and treat all aspects of being with the same attentiveness and find to our native heart.

The Native American flute is a powerful tool with a wonderful sound leading us the way to the silence of our native heart and connecting us with the harmonic vibrations of creation.




"Native Heart by Bearheart Kokopelli is Native American solo flute at its best; its energies build and create a strong but sensitive album played with a certain level of respectful honesty, one the ancestors would be proud of. The performance and productions contained within Native Heart are a pleasure to listen to, and conjure up many images and vistas within the mind’s eye, but this would also be a perfect album for your meditational musical collection too." (Steve Sheppard, One World Music) -> Read the review