Walk in Beauty: Digital Single

Digital Single

Walk in Beauty

"The composition grows with each minute played and leaves the listener in a garden of musical heaven." (Steve Sheppard, One World Music)

Vision Quest: CD & Digital Album

CD & Digital Album

Vision Quest

"Vision Quest by Bearheart Kokopelli has to be one of the best Native American styled flute and guitar based albums I have ever heard, and I urge you to make this part of your collection as well, your soul will love you for it." (Steve Sheppard, One World Music)

Timeless: CD & Digital Album

CD & Digital Album


"Luminous and fascinating on a lot of different levels, “Timeless” is a brilliant convergence of improvisation, unusual, thoughtful instrumentation, sensitivity, mindfulness, and magical soundscapes..." (Dyan Garris, New Age CDs)

Native Heart: CD & Digital Album

CD & Digital Album

Native Heart

"Native Heart by Bearheart Kokopelli is Native American solo flute at its best; its energies build and create a strong but sensitive album played with a certain level of respectful honesty..." (Steve Sheppard, One World Music)

Gayatri: CD & Digital Album

CD & Digital Album


"This track is a beautiful recording of the Gayatri mantra, great for meditation or playing in the home to create a sacred and relaxing atmosphere." (Nina M. Veryfied Buyer @ Spirit Voyage Music)

Schattenbilder: CD & Digital Album

Digital Album


"NAM combine traditional melodies, dances and instruments with modern grooves and mystical lyrics into an impressive complete work..." (Folk World)

Mondnacht: CD & Digital Album

CD & Digital Album


"...the music of Mikuskovics Baum is a vivid musical journey in traditional European music." (Folk World)



Lux Natus Est: CD & Digital Album

CD & Digital Album

Lux Natus Est

"Eine Weihnachts CD mit Titeln wie "Maria durch ein Dornwald ging" oder "Es ist ein Ros entsprungen"? Das klingt zunächst nach gängiger Feiertagsmusik. Wer "Lux Natus Est" von Mikuskovics Baum lauscht, wird aber schnell feststellen, daß die bekannten Lieder hier in völlig neuem Licht erscheinen. Der Blickwinkel des Duos transzendiert die christliche Tradition, ohne sie zu leugnen..." (Miroque)