Music for the quiet season


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Winter solstice marks the rebirth of light, expressed through the lengthening of days.

Ancient Rome celebrated the Saturnalia. Pre-Christian northern and western Europe had it´s Yultide.

For Christians Jesus himself is the incarnation of god s eternal light, born in the darkest night as the light of the world.

Following these traditions Bernhard Mikuskovics & Georg Baum perform old European Christmas carols in a new and exquisite way with the touching sounds of vocals, overtone singing, classical & celtic harp, jew´s harp, horn pipe, guitar, overtone harp & sruti box.





"Lux Natus Est has to be the most original and unique albums I have had land on my desk over the many years of writing with reference to Christmas music. Mikuskovics Baum’s respectful attention to detail and charming musical arrangements will no doubt bring a lot of seasonal cheer to the listener during this holiday season and so it should. A gentle collection of time worn compositions and arrangements can be found here, all manifested in their own imaginative and unpresented style, a sure fire winter hit with ease indeed." -> Read the complete review by Steve Sheppard (One World Music)