A musical journey through the 13 full moons of the year


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“Look at the moon so lonely
One half is shining only
Yet she is round and bright
Thus oft we laugh unknowing
At things that are not showing
That still are hidden from our sight”

Matthias Claudius

What would we be without our own shadows?
Beings of light do not cast shadows.
We humans thrown into the duality could not understand the essence of light without our shadows.
Our shadows are inseparable parts of ourselves.
The golden light of the sun, silvery reflected by the moon, gently illuminates the shadows of the night consolingly showing us the way through the darkness we fear.
Both light and shadow are impressed on our coin of life.
Only undivided it grants our soul in its perfection access to this world in order to lead to it’s full unfolding.
It is the hidden treasures that make life richer.


"...the music of Mikuskovics Baum is a vivid musical journey in traditional European music." (Folk World)

"...harp, horn pipe, jaw harp, overtone singing ... and floating often two-part vocal work: Whether they are travelling with "King of the fairies & The Butterfly" to Ireland or they strike up a very solemn version of Matthias Claudius´ "Evening Song" Bernhard Mikuskovics and Georg Baum know how to make us forget the hectic life..." (Miroque)

"...from Transylvanian ministrel songs over Irish traditionals to Slovak shepherd songs the duo creates a sensitive sound of various cultures." (Zillo Medieval)

"...the focus is on the beauty of silence and on the magic of careful instrumentation ... This creates the pleasant feeling of a tender dream journey to leave the everyday life behind" (Sonic Seducer)